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Impound Gladiator Male Chastity Device

Impound Gladiator Male Chastity Device

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Be the trend-setter of male chastity with this stylish and visually pleasing metal cage that features an open design. It truly makes the wearer stand out but won't ever allow them to "stand up". The curvature is ergonomically designed to follow the natural shape of a flaccid penis, making this chastity device ideal for prolonged wear. It's made of metal so it's easy to clean and customizable with three different sized base rings to accommodate men of various sizes. A padlock with a set of three keys is included for added safety and security. The Impound Gladiator will only take willing prisoners, but it won't ever let its guard down.
  • Material: Metal
  • Easy to clean during prolonged wear
  • Open design for a stylish, strong appearance
  • Comes with padlock and a set of three keys
  • 3 different sized base rings for custom fit
  • Total Length: 10cm/3.93"
  • Length of cage: 7.5cm/2.95"
  • Width of cage: 4cm/1.57"
  • Width of base rings: 40mm-1.57"/45mm-1.77"/50mm-1.96"


BRAND Impound
SKU N10349
SIZE IMPERIAL Total Length: 3.93”, Length of cage: 2.95”, Width of cage: 1.57”, Width of base rings: 1.57”/1.77”/1.96”
SIZE METRIC Total Length: 10cm, Length of cage: 7.5cm, Width of cage: 4cm, Width of base rings: 40mm/45mm/50mm
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