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Lubido Water Based Lubricant 30ml

Lubido Water Based Lubricant 30ml

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Whether for yourself, your partner or even just for massaging away your aches and pains, Lubido(TM) has been masterfully formulated to give you more than you'll ever need from a lubricant.

Immerse yourself in its silky smooth and non tacky texture. Lubido(TM) puts your mind at ease by being paraben free and latex friendly giving you the freedom to explore further without worry.

With an easy lock and non spill pump, Lubido(TM) is as quick to wash off as it is to put on without ever needing to worry about staining.

Only a few drops of this odourless lubricant is needed to go a long, long way!


BRAND Lubido
SKU N11545 / N9820 / N11219 
SIZE IMPERIAL 1.05fl oz / 8.4fl oz / 16.91fl oz
SIZE METRIC 30ml / 250ml / 500ml
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